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Tesla Semi and the price of batteries November 26, 2017

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Even their trucks are sexy.

It was surprising enough that Tesla announced they were making a semi, but I think what really surprised everyone was the cost; the 300-mile range version is expected to run $150,000, while the long range 500-mile version is $180,000. They compare this to a similar class Diesel at $120,000.

This is interesting enough on its own, but now that we have the numbers, we can play a little game with them…


Too slow and steady: household battery packs are going to take a while October 25, 2014

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That can't be good.

That can’t be good.

I would like nothing more than to have an inverter and battery pack in my home.

The recent ice storms left us without power for just over three days in the dead of winter. We had a gas stove in the basement and some great camp lights that kept us going, but camping in your own basement without any form of communications gets boring fast. I’d love to have backup power, but at something north of $15k, I have other things to worry about.

So it’s with some sadness that I saw recent numbers from Sandia Labs that suggest I’m going to have to keep waiting a while before I can actually afford a whole-home UPS (uninterruptible power supply), but not for the reasons I thought.


Phinergy’s battery: energy storage, problem solved? June 6, 2014

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Image of the test vehicle, a small electric car


You hear stories of new battery tech all the time, and I’ve generally learned to tune them out.

A company makes grandiose claims long before they’re  bending metal, and then run into some sort of impossible problem and that’s it, they’re done. You know, like EEStor.

So why am I writing about one now? Because this is Alcoa, and they’re on the road.

If this pans out, and that’s always a big if in battery tech, then basically the storage problem is done, for cars. There are several serious limitations, but it does neatly solve the major problem of providing long-distance driving.

But is this for real? Read on! (more…)