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Energy savings actually save energy August 16, 2012

Posted by Maury Markowitz in power grid.
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For the last couple of years, with increasing frequency, I’ve been hearing about something called “the rebound effect“.

The rebound is, supposedly, something that happens when people do a good thing… then they do more “bad” things that offset all the good. So if you take up jogging, you feel good about your health, so you eat an extra donut. Or when you put in energy-saving appliances, you feel good about that, so you leave the TV turned on longer and end up using more electricity.

I’ve always been suspicious of these claims, they sound too simple to be true. Most joggers I know are in better shape than I am! But I never had a smoking gun, nor the time to look into it too much. Well that’s over. I was listening to The Agenda in the Summer and I heard someone repeat a whole list of these stories, which included a new one…

Buy a hybrid car and you drive longer distances.

*sigh* Game on…