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Green Apples – Apple Inc’s new solar farms May 21, 2012

Posted by Maury Markowitz in solar.
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Last week Greenpeace pulled another one of their publicity stunts (do they do anything else these days?) by “landing” on the Apple campus and complaining that Apple’s data centres don’t use renewable energy. Only days later, Apple makes a big announcement about how they’re making all their data centres run 100% on renewables. One may be forgiven for concluding these events are connected.

Out in the blogosphere there’s been a lot of debate about the “why”, why is Apple spending all this money to “go green”? Is it pressure from the likes or Greenpeace? Or maybe Jobs’ buddist leanings from beyond the grave? Pure publicity on everyone’s part?

Maybe. Or maybe it’s just about the money… you know, green.


Your own grid parity PV system January 24, 2012

Posted by Maury Markowitz in solar.
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I was talking shop a couple of days ago and we started throwing around numbers for PV prices moving forward. In case you haven’t heard, equipment costs, even on small systems, have hit the $2 mark in USD. That means a mid-size plant, where the construction costs are spread out, should go in around USD$3 a watt. In capital terms PV is now one of the least expensive forms of power available.

So, yeah, GOOD!

But that’s talking about the problem in the lingo of the power industry, where everyone talks about the cost of building the plant (the “CAPEX”) and not so much about the cost of electricity it produces. That makes more sense than you might think, because if the plant can’t make competitive electricity you simply don’t build it.

But for you, the reader, all you care about is the cost of the power. So follow along while we explore the wonderful world of the Levelized Cost of Electricity