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Space power? June 12, 2009

Posted by Maury Markowitz in solar power satellites.

A few weeks back the science interwebs were alight with the news that Pacific Gas & Electric, California’s largest power supplier, had inked a deal to buy solar power beamed down from space. The fact that the post was on the NEXT100 blog, not an official PG&E press release, didn’t stop anyone from blogrolling it to the other end of the Earth in moments. Nor did the fact that the company, Solaren Corp, didn’t even have a web page seem to trigger any concern. If you googled it up, you could only find this company from Armenia, and even today you have to poke about a bit to find this page, which is entirely content-free and may not even be the same company (it’s listed in Washington).

Space power, eh? Ain’t gonna happen. Let me show you why…