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Shocked! Shocked to hear the EIA underestimates renewables! October 22, 2017

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When I was still on the front lines of the PV market, we would look forward to receiving the latest US Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) reports. Invariably they predicted a price for PV that was much higher than what we were shipping it out at retail, and every year we managed to ship a non-insignificant portion of what they said the entire US’s installations would be.



Error? What error?

Everyone knew their predictions were way off, but as the official mouthpiece of the industry it was hard to argue that they weren’t the “official numbers”. Well no longer; the Natural Resources Defense Council had Statista review the EIA’s numbers, and it makes me laugh all over again.



2015 in review February 1, 2016

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As you might have noticed I’ve been a little less than active on the blog recently, but I have an excuse, as you can see to the right.

But now that life is returning to something remotely like normalcy, it’s definitely worth a short note on the 2015: the Year that Was.

What a year!